• Is the Peers Mentoring Center a different organization?
    • No. Peers is the reentry program of Peace By Piece.
  • How do I get into housing?
    • If a Government or Nonprofit agency referral please email [email protected]
    • If someone in need please call into 302-834-8131 and one of our staff can assist you by determining if Peace By Piece Inc. can meet your needs. Additionally, if additional resources are needed, PBP will make every effort to connect you to those resources.
  • How long is the program?
    • Workforce Development program is 6 weeks long, supportive housing during the transitional period can range anywhere from 6 weeks all the way up to 24mos. Each individual moves through their process at their own pace. With guided case management and direct supports, it’s all about the participant.

How much does it cost?
Peace By Piece workforce development, and vocational training programming and services are entirely
free to qualified participants. You must meet the criteria of having criminal justice system involvement,
recovery from SUDs, Homelessness, or verified chronic, persistent mental health needs to qualify.

Our integrated supportive housing program requires a weekly program support fee of $125 after initial
subsidized period expires. Details are dependent upon resources being available and bed space

Where are you located?
Peace By Piece Inc. has administrative office locations in Bear DE, Dover DE, and Georgetown Delaware.
However, program services sites vary from county to county, with New Castle County having the
entirety of our supportive housing program.